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1. Assign

Within minutes, you can choose which pages to Google AMP with our click-to-add interface without touching a single line of code.

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2. Review

Our system Instantly suggests a desired layout for your AMP page. You can Review and Approve the AMP pages or Send Feedback for how you would like to fine tune the User Experience.

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3. Integrate

With a single line of code your pages are now Google AMP ready. Your website, will now be cached by Google and served within 1 second. It's really that easy.

Detailed Client Profiles

Over 100,000+ sites are now using Google AMP.

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What AMP users are saying.

David Merrell

The Washington Post

"We are committed to improving speed across the board. If our site takes a long time to load, it doesn’t matter how great our journalism is, some people will leave the page before they see what’s there.."

Chris Schieffer

"We saw AMP as a way to improve how mobile users experience Slate, since the initial implementations by other publishers showed how fast the experience actually was."

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