Why Should I Google AMP my Website?

If you want to compete in Mobile SEO in 2017 you have to have it.

Amp Your First Page

User Retention

Increase engagement and the amount of monthly visits.

The Washington Post with 55% of their traffic coming from mobile devices saw a 23% increase in returned users within 7 days of implementing AMP.
Gizmodo increased ad impressions per page view by over 50%.

Faster Pages

The latest Google research shows that 53% of people will leave a site that fails to load in three seconds or less.

The Washington Post: “We have seen load times average 400 milliseconds, an 88% improvement over our traditional mobile website. This has made readers more likely to tap on Washington Post stories because they know our articles will load consistently fast.”

Mobile First

Google is testing mobile search indexing, which will be using mobile content for all search rankings. As of 2014 More Google Searches are occurring on Mobile than Desktop.

For Publishers

Get into the Google carousel and receive 5 times greater revenue.

Over 100,000 publishers are now using Google AMP.

For Ecommerce

With Ebay and Shopify leading the way, Google AMP in 2017 will be required to compete.

High page speed has been shown in multiple studies to decrease bounce rate and increase conversion. For Mobile Commerce AMP is required to compete. Also The advantages of lowering the bounce rate and page load time will increase your Page Rankings.

Not yet convinced - AMP your first page for FREE: