Google is going to own your brand.

Battle of Titans – Google vs. Facebook

Right in front of our eyes is a war between behemoth internet tech companies – Google and Facebook. It’s a battle for data, a battle for truly useful information. Companies can use this information that Facebook and Google collect.  Better information is better targeting,  better targeting creates more effective marketing campaigns. Finding this information and selling the targeting is where Google and Facebook create most of their value. Google and Facebook are main content gateways to the world in the modern age. That’s why it’s important to look at what’s happening with this battle, how it will look moving forward, and how you can utilize Google AMP to help.

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Google is Losing

Facebook has been winning the engagement and advertising battle. People are spending more time on Facebook than they are on search engines, including Google. It’s almost a 6:1 ratio of time spent on Facebook vs. time spent on Google. This means that Facebook is acquiring more signals, triggers, and more information than Google.

Facebook and Google are both able to see information on a person’s interests and their behavior.  These signals feed into Facebook and Google so that these tech giants know you better. Every single thing you do gives them more information.  This informs what you are more likely to purchase, view, and like. The problem for Google is that they are slowly losing this information battle. The Facebook platform offers more opportunity for engagement.  Greater engagement gives Facebook more signals and triggers.  These signals and triggers correlate to what a person is interested in. Google has to work to keep pace with Facebook and continue to acquire this data to stay competitive.

The Difference

Facebook is able to gain more emotional, qualitative data than Google. Facebook advertising tends to be more effective than Google Adwords as well. Of course, this is somewhat dependent on your specific business, target customer, and product. But, generally speaking, Facebook advertising seems more effective in targeting the right people. So how can you optimize your marketing to work best with Google and Facebook, to reach the audience that will purchase your product or service?

Google wants your brand

What we’ve learned from the Google and Facebook battle is that you need to find a way to get people’s attention. In order to do this, you must optimize brand, awareness, and data about your business.  This way it is easier for Facebook and Google to consume your brand. You must feed them the brand and messaging the way that they want it.  This will help you get deep into their infrastructure to increase traffic.

To do this, you use Google AMP, JSON LD, and Google and Facebook eat your web page and brand in order to learn everything they can about your business and customers. Google AMP is a new way to specifically build pages for Google.   Google gains on page insights and directly embeds the page into the search results.  You in return will receive more traffic and higher search results.

What you can do.

Alpha Pages specializes in Google AMP, JSON LD, and development. We help E-commerce sites and publishers to develop an optimized web page for both Google and Facebook. Our process will focus on page speed, user retention, and mobile-friendly development. Let us help you to leverage all of the tactics that Google and Facebook have to optimize your website and brand. Get started below if you want to learn more about how Google AMP can help bolster your business.

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