Technical SEO as a topic is a discussion that requires some form of Web Development. Look forward to articles on topics such as server side 301 redirect, Crawl Spend, Internal Link architecture, Prerendering. Technical SEO plays an integral part of large sites that have SEO as a main traction channel.

Google is going to own your brand.

Battle of Titans – Google vs. Facebook Right in front of our eyes is a war between behemoth internet tech companies – Google and Facebook. […]

The 8 Secret Page Speed hacks Every SEO should know

Emma doing research Emma’s been doing a lot of research into bounce rate.  She has figured out that people are leaving her website is because […]

How to SEO Guide for javascript frameworks and single page apps

SEO for ReactJs, AngularJs, BackboneJs, EmberJs Frontend Javascript Frameworks are taking over the web. ReactJs, EmberJS, AngularJS and BackboneJs are trending in numbers all over […]