3 Google SERP Layout Predictions for 2018

Google’s paid search is losing to display campaigns. Especially Facebook display campaigns. Facebook’s news feed has more signals. Every time you like, comment, click or share Facebook knows a little more about you.

What does the Google SERP have? Only the ability to scroll and click. To learn a user’s intent Google needs to change their layout. This has already begun.

With Schema.org rich snippets and Google AMP side scrolls, Google is trying to keep users on the search engine for good for a good reason. If Google can increase time spent on page they can learn more about the user. Which leads me to the first change we will see in the SERP.

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1) Time on Search Results.

In the war of attention, time is the greatest prize and in a mobile world Google is getting crushed. The Average Facebook user spends 40 minutes a day on the platform, while in contrast Google is only 20 minutes. When we jump to mobile Google is down to 6.5 minutes a day. This is only 6x more time spent in the Facebook news feed than on Google search. To combat this Google will do anything to increase your engagement. Which leads me to my next point.

2) More Side Scrolls and Interactions.

Here screenshots already show how Google is pushing the boundaries with recipes. Whole recipes in the results, side scrolling amazing looking pictures. The ability to share right in the SERP without leaving. If you wanted to create a Social Newsfeed out of the SERP The only thing missing is a like button.

Recipes are a visual consumer niche, that may not be important for your needs. But to succeed, use schema.org and make your niche a visual experience. Consumerize to monetize.

3) Infinite Scroll

So the biggest prediction that I think will help Google in all of this, is making search engine results page an infinite scroll. This way the user can continually see more results. Google will seed in different results with different contexts without the user having to type in anything more. An infinite scroll will add to the time of user engagement and give the ability to continually learn about the user. This solves many issues on why Google is losing. If they don’t create an infinite scroll they are simply leaving money on the table.

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